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1. Your Rental - The Basics
Please provide the full address of the rental property. Add any helpful directions a guest may need to find your holiday rental (Note this information is private and will only be given to guests who have a confirmed booking with you)
How to locate your Rental on Google maps?
Please input your Rental’s street name, town, postal code and province.
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2. More About Your Rental

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Bathroom Types

Choose a great title for your holiday home – some examples are:
Lovely mountain cottage near Gaucin
Wonderful studio apt. for 2 in Barcelona
Stylish villa with Private pool near Nerja
A good descriptive title helps to attract bookings!

Briefly describe your holiday rental and its best features. Tell people what's wonderful about your place.

Briefly describe the local area. What’s special about it? Tell guests about the surroundings, shops, restaurants, places of interest, activities and festivals in the area. Entice them!

3. Your Photos

Choose a great photo as your principal photo. Good photos attract guests. Your best shots here can greatly increase your bookings.

We recommend you upload at least 4 photos and you may upload up to 20 photos. (photo size - recommended resolution 1200x900) Note - file size is 50 kb to 4 mb. If you have bigger images, you can resize them and then upload. Please only upload JPEG and PNG photo files.

You may upload several photos at once using our MULTIPLE PHOTO UPLOAD. Simply click ADD PHOTOS and select your photo files.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your photo files it may take a minute or two for your files to upload.

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4. Prices and Policies

* Prices for different seasons can be added on Availability Calendar.

Holiday rentals priced competitively generally get more bookings. A tip - check out the prices of comparable holiday rentals to yours and price yours realistically. Include all applicable taxes as we will post an inclusive price for your property on your profile. This will also include our surcharge.

Note: if seasonal prices aren't displayed on your calendar the default prices will be applied to all nights and weeks. Seasonal pricing can be set via the availability calendar.

Note : All security deposits are collected locally by Hosts and refunded to Guests on departure. The GoStaySpain team will inform your Guest of this procedure and of the amount you require. It is payable to you on the Guest’s arrival.

Additional Fees

Do you charge any additional fees or offer any services payable locally ? Please specify

Please choose one of the following cancellation policies

All cancellations must be made by contacting

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7. Payment Details
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Money is transferred approx. 48 hours after the check-in stated on the booking confirmation.
Money is only transferred on UK working days.
Once the money is transferred, it normally takes 3 -5 working days for it to arrive in bank accounts.

We will send you a payment confirmation by email. If you have any queries regarding your payout details please contact

Your property will be live as soon as
we have verified it

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